Find Your Dream Home with The Purple House Real Estate Group

Find Your Dream Home with The Purple House Real Estate Group


  1. This website is managed by local Realtors. Real Estate agents that live in El Paso TX and know the city and the market.
  2. The listings of homes for sale are updated hourly.
  3. The most important reason is that we are Professional Real Estate Agents of ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate and can answer all your real estate questions.


  • Use a local real estate website like instead of a big national website like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor and others. Our local real estate websites is updated hourly and will have only relevant information regarding to El Paso TX and not the whole state or nation. Unfortunately, the national real estate websites are designed to obtain the buyer’s information and sell it to real estate agents willing to pay a monthly subscription.
  • Set a price range that you think you may be comfortable with and try to set no more than $50,000 difference between your minimum and maximum price.
  • Decide what part of the city or neighborhood you want to live in. El Paso TX has a lot of subdivisions, and different areas have higher or lower prices than others. For example, a resale 2,000 square feet home may be $200,000 on the westside but $180,000 on the east or $175,000 on the northeast.
  • Make sure you have a clear view of your house needs. If you need a single-story home with four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms, don’t look at two story or multiple story homes with three bedrooms or less. You will be just wasting your time or may end up with a home that is not useful to you.

Remember, the best way to find homes for sale in El Paso, TX. Is by using a local real estate website, that will help you find the most accurate information straight from the Multiple Listing Services. Also, known by the real estate community and general public, as MLS Listings. THEPURPLEHOUSEREALESTATE.COM will help you find the perfect home for you and your family.

Usually big national real estate websites generalize the market by using and analyzing information across the United States, and in many cases the information they show is inaccurate. Why? because the housing market always has been local. Even when we compare cities within the same state, we cannot compare prices or days on the market because that would give us wrong information. For example, the Houston, Austin and San Antonio residential market is hot and homes are selling fast, sometimes in one day. However, even though El Paso is in Texas as well, the houses take a little longer to sell and buyers still are able to negotiate prices and conditions of the contract.

Please contact us with any real estate questions that you may have, and if you would like to know what is your home value please send us a market analysis request.