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Making More Money When Listing For Sale

10 Tips to Get More Money for Your House

Hey there this is Alex with Texas Realtor® in El Paso Texas with clear Realty.

Today I’m bringing you 10 home seller tips every seller should follow to get more money for their house.

Tip #1 know your numbers. It is very important to know if it is the right decision to list your house for sale or maybe just wait or maybe even put it out for rent instead of selling it.

Tip #2 Price the home correctly. You need to price the house at the right price, you cannot underprice or overprice, both are wrong, and both are going to make you lose money. If you underpriced your house, you might get a lot of offers and some will be over asking price, but at the end you’re going to be losing money because you could have started at higher price and get more money for your house. If you over overprice, you might not be getting any showings or offers, and the house is going to stay longer on the market and you’re going to have to lower the price at one point and buyers are going to think something’s wrong with your house so you might end up losing money if you overprice your house as well.

Tip #3 take professional photos. Yes, professional photos are very-very-very important, most of the buyers start looking at homes online and the photos are the first thing that they see. Don’t take photos with your phone or just because you have a good camera doesn’t mean that you’re going to take nice real estate photos. Hire a Professional!

Tip #4 Have a marketing strategy. You need to know what to do once you list  your house for sale, putting a for sale sign in front of the house, list on the MLS (Multiple Listing Services), posting it to social media, printing Flyers, do open houses, I mean there are a lot of other things that you can do so you need to have a marketing strategy when you list your house for sale so you have a lot of people go and see your house.

Tip #5 Get a home warranty. A home warranty is going to cover you during that listing process, so you list your house for sale today and you have a home warranty, and something happens in a month you’re covered. Water heater burst? that home warranty will take care of it so you don’t have some unexpected expenses, so having a home warranty can save you a lot of money.

Tip #6 Do a home inspection. Why would you do a home inspection if you’re not buying the house? well if you do a home inspection, you’re going to know what it’s wrong with your house what needs to be done and what repairs to do. I’m not saying fix everything on the inspection report, what I’m saying is, it’s better to know what’s wrong with your house than having surprises once the buyer does an inspection on their own. If you have an inspection report, you can do some of the minor repairs something that is not going to cost you a lot of money or you can do the repairs that actually are going to cost you money because the buyer is going to ask for a price reduction or for you to do those repairs anyway. An inspection is important and will save you from a lot of headaches.

Tip #7 Have the house ready for showings. Have the house ready so when people go and see the house the house needs to be clean, declutter and for it to be presentable, so when someone calls to make an appointment make it available as much as possible. It is best to have a hectic week or weekend showing the house at all times than rejecting some showing requests and then having your house sit on the market for longer which at the end is going to cost you more money

Tip #8 Negotiate correctly. Once you receive an offer you should be able to negotiate the terms of the offer but you need to know that you’re not going to get everything that you want, sometimes you have to compromise on some things, hopefully the offers that you received are at least what you’re looking for or better so you don’t have to compromise that much, but sometimes you’re going to have to do it so just be reasonable and negotiate correctly.

Tip #9 know your final profit for each offer you receive. Let’s say you received five offers, just because you have five offers doesn’t mean that you already sold the house. Out of those five offers, you are going to have an offer that is higher than all the other offers, they’re offering more money for your house doesn’t mean that offer is the best offer so trust your realtor, if they are telling you this offer is better because it’s a solid offer that looks better to close on time and fund, go with that one. If you want to get the one that has more money (Against your agent’s advice) you’re risking that maybe that offer or that buyer won’t be able to qualify at the end and then you’re going to end up with no money and putting the house back on the market and lose maybe 30-45 days.

Tip #10 Understand the contract. This is extremely important, you need to understand what you’re signing you need to understand what gives you an out of the contract and what gives the buyer and out of the contract and once you’re under contract it is legally binding so you really need to understand the contract and what the terms are, what are good terms for you which ones are not, so check out on the due dates, time limits so ask your Realtor® they will be able to help you with that part as well.

I’m Alex Huereca Texas realtor in El Paso Texas with Clear View Realty, if you are not buying or selling here in El Paso TX, but somewhere else in US let me know, we have a huge network where we can recommend you to other Realtors in the US.

Realtors, if you have a buyer or seller for El Paso TX, I’ll be happy to help!

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