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Dos and Don'ts for Sellers!

- Don’t paint rooms after listing photos have been taken

- Use a professional real estate photographer

- Don’t over price it

- List price properly. $250,000 is better than $249,999.99 (You are not selling furniture or groceries)

- Don’t talk to buyers directly (you might end up promising things that you didn’t want to negotiate)

- Ask for an approval letter with any offer

- Don’t stay during home showings to show the house and explain the home features or updates/upgrades done to the house (Usually, buyers don’t care during the first visit)

- Be open to multiple visits. Buyers may want to visit your house more than once if they liked it

- Be completely honest with your Realtor about past due child support, alimony, property taxes, mortgage payments, IRS payments, or any other reduction that needs to be consider at closing

- List timely. Most contracts will take 30-45 days to close when financing and 10-20 days on cash deals

- If you need to sell before moving, ask your Realtor to negotiate a “Lease Back Agreement” to give you time to move. This means that you will move certain days after the closing day and once you have the money

- Be flexible to show the house as much as possible

- Install a sign if you have cameras (most homes have cameras and audio recording)

- Let your Realtor know if you are buying another house

- Attending open houses and new construction without your agent (That agent hosting the open house represents the seller or the builder, Not The Buyer)

- If you are buying another house, be sure to get qualified before listing your house for sale

- Do not delay paperwork because you are irritated by the frequency and number of requests from the Title Company or your Realtor

- It is possible to receive a great or good offer the first day the home goes live, and you should probably accept it. (this happens more often than you think...)

- Make sure the “For Sale” sign is always up

- Take your pets for a walk. If you have pets, it is best that you take them for a walk or maybe hire a baby sitter for a couple of hours (It is hard to show a house when a dog is barking or a cat is running around or hissing)

- Don’t ask to list at a price to have “Wiggle Room” to be able to negotiate with the buyer. This translate to overprice the house and you will likely not have any offers to negotiate

- No Handshake. make sure all your contracts & agreements are in writing

- Don’t schedule a vacation before we close (Especially a cruise or remote area without phone/internet service Capture the best light!

- If there is a particular good time of day at your house to capture the best light, and you know when that is, let your Realtor and photographer know, so they can schedule for that time.

- Declutter every room

- Make sure the house is clean inside and outside

- Make sure the kitchen is clean and dishes put away or in dishwasher, all beds are made and no laundry on the floor, and make sure there is no underwear in shower. (This happens all the time)

- Don’t leave valuables around

- Hide prescription drugs

- Have Guns? Put them under lock!

- Don’t change your name during the sale process

- Don’t post your real estate thoughts on social media sites (If you are savvy, this can easily be viewed)

- Stay Calm! Don’t get frustrated or angry if you receive a low offer, it is part of the process.

- Get a home inspection. An inspection cost money, but will help you negotiate a higher price as you can prove to the interested buyers the actual condition of the house and any repairs that you are willing to do or not do

- Ask your Realtor about getting a home warranty (Residential Service Contract)

- Tell your Realtor® what is MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU

- Calling at the very last moment to cancel appointments

- Select the right offer. The higher offer is not always the best offer

- Having a contract does not mean you have a done deal! A lot of things can happen

- Use name on drivers license for mortgage documents (use Jr. and Sr. if required)

- Be willing to negotiate, but know your bottom line

- The Appraisal could kill the deal!

- If it can’t be written on the front of the page of the contract because its being done “under the table”, it is probably mortgage fraud

- Let your Realtor know if you are behind mortgage payments

- Start lining up a mover if you will be moving out before the house is sold

- Begin packing as early on as possible

- Understand the Realtors compensation. In our case, the seller pays us (Listing Agent) to represent the seller and list the house for sale. Then we (Listing Agent) If agreed by the seller, will pay the other agent (Buyer’s Agent) compensation for bringing a qualified buyer and for representing that buyer. Buyer Agents get paid by the Listing Agent and/or the Buyer (Not the Seller), and only when the deal is closed.

-Don’t believe what you see on HGTV and reality television (the majority of that stuff is scripted)

- The Walkthrough. Make sure you leave the house in the best condition and as clean as possible

- Closing Day! Bring all keys, remotes and codes to closing. Bring proper identifications and a rested wrist! You will be signing a lot of documents.

- Usually the funds are deposited the following business day.

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